About us

Italian Food Valley is a Company specialized in supplying typical Italian food from the Emilia Romagna area  to International markets through distributors or directly to end users in the catering hotel business,

Our selection includes the best Italian DOP products from Parma, “The Italian Food Valley”. Our products are manufactured,  prepared and packed according to ancient traditions, under the strict control rules of Food Consortium (consorzi di prodotti).

The production is located between the Alps and the Emilian Apennines, where a soft green valley became the origin of the culture of the good food thanks to the genuine ingredients and their preparation, starting from crops, natural breeding, all the way to the meticulous preparation of food cooked in the traditional Italian way .

The Emilia Romagna area is the only region today that concentrates 30 products classified PDO or PGI within a relatively small area.

Our customers  convenience is to be able to access to the very best quality products at the most convenient price coming from direct contacts with leading manufacturers already certified by the rigid standards of the U.S. FDA. Excellent service is granted by shipments in containers, refrigerated or not, to worldwide destination.


Francesco De Vecchi profile

Giacomo Corazza an important businessman from parma , between 1850 and 1870, on behalf of his father in law Carlo Gatti,  bought the first Parmesan Cheese Factories in the town of Poviglio and there he built his home Villa Corazza.

In 1872 Giacomo Corazza and his wife Rosa Gatti bought the Tabiano Castle ( ), they soon restored the main building, the entire medieval village, and started their big farm, spreading over 700 acres with 27 farm houses, where they grew whatever necessary to feed the cows in order to have enough milk for their two Parmigiano Reggiano factories, one in the village, the other located in Bargone Longone, at the border of their property, so that they could  get the milk also from other farms.
In the 1950’s his Grand Father  Enrico De Vecchi, husband of Graziella Corazza, managed the very important cheese factories and piggery in Poviglio. At the beginning of the 70’s the helm passes in the hands of Uncle Daniele De Vecchi. In 1971 the young  Francesco de Vecchi  joined his first pork slaughter, his  task was  to hold the rope that secured  the left leg of the pig to the cage. 
Since he was only 8, he spent all his summers as guest of  his aunt in in Villa dei Gigli  (Salsomaggiore)  under the hill of the family castle,. He was so attracted by the beauty of the landscapes, by the unmistakable taste of the genuine cuisine, and the by  amazing friendship of local people, that in 1991 he moved with his family permanently from Torino to Salsomaggiore. Every winter Francesco with his friends Giorgio Sesenna and Macellino Cesarino Oriani used to  slaughter several porks taking care to keep one for the family to prepare  with care his aged hams, culatelli ,and salami.
From 2007 to 2011 Francesco is involved by the cousins Carlo & Anna Maria Corazza in the start-up and management of the “Resort Antico Borgo di Tabiano Castello”, an elegant Country Hotel located in the finely restored medieval village. Here, welcoming the guests in the estate that once was the big family farm, Francesco took great care to choose the best food quality by selecting from the best local Parmesan Cheese  and Prosciutto factories. As part of  this activity he would invites the guest to visit the manufacturing of Prosciutto and Parmigiano prepared  in the ancient original way. All this very large experience coming from generations of background and from his acquired knowledge to select the best quality food, can now be used to offer the customers of Italian Food Valley all the products coming from Food Industry around the  Parma Area.